Les Contes perfumes collection find its inspiration in a wide variety of emotions.
The fragrances have calming effect and allow to diminish the anxiety that can be felt
in a stressful unstable world in perpetual move, a world where fundamental human values can be at stake.

With Les Contes perfumes, you enter a different universe – a protective, reassuring, peaceful universe, where good takes over on evil and where beauty and harmony prevail.

History: from ceramic to the creation of perfumes

The story of the House of Les Contes starts more than 100 years ago with a young ambitious and talented man, Philippe Leblanc. He started to work in the porcelain factory Haviland before to become designer of fine jewels and exquisite glass bottles. The next three generations have successfully pursued Philippe Leblanc’s jewel creation business.

As great grandson of Philippe Leblanc, Auguste Leblanc was ambitious however reluctant to imitate the path of his father and grand-father in the family industry. Gifted of an accurate sense of smell, he opted to discover the universe of perfumery where he did not take long to excel in Grasse. With other young talented perfumers, he started to create exclusive perfume glass bottles and customized perfumes, perpetuating – without him knowing – the values of quality and craftmanship of his family.

Today the brand evolution is led by the artistic director, Juan Carlos Rustarazo, a reputed designer in the fragrance industry. Les Contes is a fast growing perfume company, in particular thanks to the quality of its products. The fragrance ingredients are of highest standards and rare, the scents have a high concentration of components and the perfume oils are selected with the needed care.

Les Contes perfumes are intense olfactive creations in which sensuality, refinement and opulence are fully expressed.

A man of creation and passion

Juan Carlos Rustarazo was born in France but his Spanish origins strongly influenced his future personal formation.

After a decade developing his expertise on design and scent creation, he then had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with Couture houses, where he ensured the artistic and technical development of significant projects such as Dolce & Gabbana Tiffany, Valentino…

Since 1999, year when he created his own design agency in which he constantly expresses his will of freedom and pleasure of creating. He says : “Creation is not an isolated act, it always fits into a logic which calls upon the sensitivity of the one who creates, with his/her interpretation of the world and his/her memory”.

For more than 25 years, he has created bottles, packagings & fragrances for the biggest brands on the perfume market : Boucheron, Lancaster, Loewe, Elizabeth Arden…