Scentrum is a French perfume company specialized in selling the perfumes, scents for home, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, facials care products and luxury goods. Scentrum is located in the heart of the world of perfumery - in the city of Grasse in France.
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Île De Beauté is a leader on the market of perfumery and cosmetic products in Russia for more than 10 years. Currently, the network has 135 stores throughout Russia including an online store that delivers goods to anywhere in Russia.
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A shopping day at the Munich Airport is a walk through 150 various shops and boutiques spread over 43,000 square meters. You will find here the gifts fitting every taste – the latest fashion designs and all-new perfumes.
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Not Just Flowers is a renowned studio-supplier of spectacular flower compositions in the San Francisco Bay for already 15 years. The owners of the company have earned a reliable reputation by selecting unique, perfectly harmonious bouquets. They are engaged in decorating the various events - receptions, weddings, anniversaries. They offer their customers the niche perfumes, in particular, the brand Les Contes.
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The selective fragrances Les Contes can be currently purchased at the KITA Duty Free shop located at the International Airport of Bratislava (Slovakia). Do not miss the opportunity to buy your favorite perfume while visiting the youngest capital of Europe!
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Are you planning to visit Bulgaria to witness the ancient Sofia? Then be sure to check out the Duty Free shop at the International Airport of the capital of Bulgaria. Now you can find your favorite fragrances Les Contes here!
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