They are different. They feel differently. They live for over 1,500 years, mature slowly and hardly age. They don't want to share their world with anyone but with the ones who they would love for the entire life. Their magic can do harm and can heal. And most importantly, they are free. And this freedom gives them harmony and creativity. They may be selfish, but they are perfect.
In spring 2021 Les Contes presents a new perfume masterpiece Elfe d’argent (Silver elf).
Slightly cold - it opens up with bergamot notes, which are nevertheless elegantly offset by the warmth of the red fruits. The heart notes of the perfume are lavender, white flowers, leather. The elven quintessence: purity, mysticism, magic, pride, selfishness. In the base note – a chord of cedar and patchouli. Self-sufficiency is what distinguishes elves from other magical peoples. The last and long-lasting note of the original refined composition is musk, which reflects the power of sexuality of these unusual creatures.