Elfe d’or is a long-awaited novelty of 2019 which continues so beloved the elven collection.
The creators of the unique fragrance seem to tell a fairy tale about the princess who had compassion and freed the beautiful elf from the captivity of the rich and greedy king. According to the legend, the tears of this kind girl turned into a magic elixir – the precious fragrance Elfe d’or. Everyone who applied it became rich and happy. But no one could solve the mystery of the magic scent, no one had ever been able to repeat it.
In the head note, comforting spiciness of saffron meets sophisticated tenderness of jasmine. The heart of the composition – a warm woody chord of the luxurious cedar sounds brightly then gently traverses into a base note of the fragrance – a soft sound of sensual musk, highlighted by the light touch of gourmet notes – delivers mystery and refinement.