The fragrance of power.
In spring 2019 Les Contes presents a new perfume Padischah. It is filled with the wonderful visions and bright colours of East. Freshness of bergamot, lime and apple tries to scramble you and get you lost in the mazes of the medieval medina in the center of which you will find yourself surrounded by the oriental notes – spicy cinnamon and woody touches of cedar, embracing luxury of rose and the elegance of geranium. The sandalwood, the musk and the incense will take you to the luxurious rooms of a Padischah. Now, you are his guests and you can enjoy tranquility and coolness, hiding from the heat and scorching sun.
For whom: For powerful and decisive men, who are not only able to get to the top but to retain their high status. It is also for intelligent, delicate and diplomatic men, capable of responding to any challenge in both politics and business in everyday life. They value and adore splendor and beauty, and, as true gourmands, know how to enjoy life and not refuse themselves sensual pleasures. Power and wealth are always next to each other!